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Long-Term Solar Benefits

By going Solar you help remove the burdens of the local Utilities monopoly on your power usage.

Once the system is paid for your ROI "Return On Investment" is extra cash in your pocket that used to go to your utility company!

Along with other Energy Efficient  products and power storage options.

Freeing yourself from the burden of outages and blackouts.

As well as other Renewable Resources

Solar You Can Trust

We use local installers in order to get you the best pricing versus dealing with big corporations.

We here at ETX Solutions, LLC are advocates for our Customers.

It is what is right for you!!     

We have a combined 40+ years in the Solar Industry.

Residential and Commercial

ETX Solutions, LLC works with both Homeowners and Businesses of all sizes and needs in helping them transition to producing their own power by going Solar.

We have various financing lenders for all types of incomes and credit.

We continue to research areas of Incentives, rebates and government saving programs for you the consumer.

Your one stop shopping for Solar and Energy Efficient Products!

Energy Efficient Featured Products

New products are coming soon!


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