About Us

We started doing Solar Sales in 2007 for a company that leased solar panels.  Yes, we wanted to make a good living, but  we really wanted to help people save money and ease some of the financial stress of daily life while still being able to do something good for the environment.

Over the years we have learned that a lot of people would be more interested in going GREEN, but it always seemed to cost too much.  We have partnered with different companies to give you options.  Financing Companies Specializing in Solar financing, a company that specializes in energy efficient products (LED Bulbs and a box that filters dirty electricity reducing energy consumption by 10%).  In regards to Solar, Solar Panel costs have dropped a lot in the past few years. We deal directly with a company to get the solar systems allowing us to offer you a much more affordable option.  Even if you aren't interested in solar, the LED Bulbs and Power Box are other ways to help you save.