what we need for your free estimate

What we need in order to get your FREE Estimate:

***NOTICE---We don't share your information with other companies that might try to sell you things.  We RESPECT your privacy.****

In order to get you a more precise estimate, we need 3 things.  

1: Your monthly Kw usage (This is needed in order to figure how much energy you personally need.  After all, each home has different energy needs. Amount of residents, size of home, how well the home is insulated, etc.  A larger, well insulated home may need less than a smaller home that isn't insulated as well.)  **We DON'T need your electric account information, just the Kw usage.

2:  Your Address (This will enable us to check for possible shading issues, roof orientation, and roof size.)

3:  Contact Information (We need to be able to contact you with your FREE estimate.  Phone number, Email Address, whatever is the best way for us to contact you.)

You can enter your information in the "CONTACT US" boxes at the bottom of the Home Page.